AK SOFTWARE Solutions is the number one Tally ERP software solutions providers, Tally Products Distributors and service Management Company of Bangladesh. Having enormous tally management experiences we are the best one over the locality in providing of Tally.ERP 9 customizations, installations, Training, Support and required add on modifications and integrations.

Enabling the best methodology for the businessmen in order to advancing their current enterprise technology, resource planning procedures and the way they account their costs and sales. We are here to gift our customers the ultimate flexibility, responsiveness, encouragements and rewarding them by taking their business to next level.

Our Mission

With the “Power of Simplicity” of Tally ERP 9 we shape the success of every enterprise solutions seeker from around the world. It is our mission to introduce software that can manage all of the required resources of an Enterprise without getting into the coding mania along with providing the easiest user interface and remotely controlling system to make the accessing system much more comfortable and cordless.

Why You Will Love Our Services?

  • We have vast experiences on this Tally Software Solutions Field. We have been in this industry for long1 4+ years.
  • We are the best and the fastest tally solutions provider and have built a huge team where 15+ peoples are working together to solve your problem.
  • Having 900+ Tally partners around the globe; we are feeling proud to be one of the most experienced and highly recommended Tally ERP solutions company ever.
  • We have already completed 500+ tally customization projects as precisely as our customers expected. Waiting to please you by our services too!
  • Serviced over 1Milion customers all over the world gifted us expertise, made us confident and showed us how to be more responsible to each new customers.

So please Contract with AK SOFTWARE for any kind of Tally Software Solution in Bangladesh.


Dhaka Office : 9/19, Block- E, Section -1, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
Bogra Office : J.K. College Gate, Main Road, Dupchanchia, Bogra.
Phone : 0502451315, +8801712929196, +8801914211816
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