Dear Tally Software users of Bangladesh recently Tally Solution Pvt. Ltd. India again increase Tally Software price.

Being AK SOFTWARE is the Authorized Tally Sales & Service Software Partner in Bangladesh we have to follow developer policy.

Now For Multi user – base price- 1, 28,858 (One Lac Twenty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Eight), for Single user- 42,953 (Forty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Three) & for Tally server –  6, 44,288 (Six Lac Forty Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight) only.


At present every product & service of the world is decreasing only Tally price is increasing.

In Bangladesh there are many software company is developing software, AK SOFTWARE is also developing an Accounting Software name ‘’ Hishab”” hope within very soon Bangladesh accounting Software user will get that software.

Bangladesh Software industries also a rising industry, we are now the competitor of world software market. Experience & young generation are now significant talent.

Hope near future our software market totally we can control & fulfill our own demand & earn more foreign currency.